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Gate of Heaven

by Luke Slott

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nmoshtael thumbnail
nmoshtael This collaborative CD is a such heavenly and soul stirring one! Love it! Favorite track: Forgiveness.
Catherine Walters-Shaw
Catherine Walters-Shaw thumbnail
Catherine Walters-Shaw I have loved every track as it has been released over the past couple of months. My favorite is Bestow Upon Me, I play it over and over. When I played it today I used my individual song download; what a surprise to hear Beloved followingright after! at first I didn't even understand where it came from..(I didn't realize the album opened) and it sounded like it came from heaven, and answered my prayers. It brought tears to my eyes. Favorite track: Bestow Upon Me.
19nine thumbnail
19nine it is so beautiful
tasstark thumbnail
tasstark Wonderful tribute to the Bab. Can always relax and listen to Luke singing and playing.
danny12345 thumbnail
danny12345 Beautiful album! What a gift you and your collaborators have created Favorite track: Promised One.
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Promised One 05:07
Promised One I am the Mystic Fane which the Hand of Omnipotence hath reared. I am the Lamp which the Finger of God hath lit within its niche and caused to shine with deathless splendour. I am the Flame of that supernal Light that glowed upon Sinai in the gladsome Spot, and lay concealed in the midst of the Burning Bush. I am, I am, I am, the promised One! I am the One whose name you have for a thousand years invoked, at whose mention you have risen, whose advent you have longed to witness, and the hour of whose Revelation you have prayed God to hasten. First part from the Qayyúmu’l-Asmá’, Chapter 94 Selections from the Writings of the Báb, p.74 Second part quoted in The Dawn-Breakers: Nabíl’s Narrative of the Early Days of the Bahá’í Revelation, p.315
Lord of Grace Abounding O Thou Who art the Lord of grace abounding! Let Thy celestial aid surround those who love Thee, and bestow upon us the gifts and the bounties Thou dost possess. Be Thou sufficient unto us of all things, forgive our sins and have mercy upon us. Thou art our Lord and the Lord of all created things. No one else do we invoke but Thee, and naught do we beseech but Thy favors. Thou art the Lord of bounty and grace, invincible in Thy power and the most skillful in Thy designs. No God is there but Thee, the All-Possessing, the Most Exalted. From Selections from the Writings of the Báb, p.213
He is God 04:12
He is God He is God, no God is there but Him, the Almighty, the Best Beloved. All that are in the heavens and on the earth and whatever lieth between them are His. Verily He is the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. الله لا اله الّا هو العزيز المحبوب له ما في السموات وما في الأرض وما بينهما وهوالمهيمن القيّوم Alláh lá iláha illá Huwa la-Hu má fis-samawát wa má fil-ard wa má bayna-huma wa Huwal-Muhaymin al-Qayyúm From A Second Tablet Addressed to ‘Him Who Will Be Made Manifest’ Selections from the Writings of the Báb, p.6
Forgiveness 05:14
Forgiveness I beg Thee to forgive me, O my Lord, for every mention but the mention of Thee, and for every praise but the praise of Thee, and for every delight but delight in Thy nearness, and for every pleasure but the pleasure of communion with Thee, and for every joy but the joy of Thy love and of Thy good-pleasure, and for all things pertaining unto me which bear no relationship unto Thee, O Thou Who art the Lord of lords, He Who provideth the means and unlocketh the doors. From Selections from the Writings of the Báb, p.182
Remover of Difficulties Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding! O God, my God, my Beloved, my heart's Desire. Say: God sufficeth all things above all things, and nothing in the heavens or in the earth but God sufficeth. From Bahá’í Prayers, pp.28 & 29 and the Dawnbreakers, p.30
Wondrous Paradise There is no paradise more wondrous for any soul than to be exposed to God's Manifestation in His Day, to hear His verses and believe in them, to attain His presence, which is naught but the presence of God, to sail upon the sea of the heavenly kingdom of His good-pleasure, and to partake of the choice fruits of the paradise of His divine Oneness. From the Persian Bayán, Váḥid 2, Chapter 16 Selections from the Writings of the Báb, p.77
Bestow Upon Me O Lord! Unto Thee I repair for refuge, and toward all Thy signs I set my heart. O Lord! Whether traveling or at home, and in my occupation or in my work, I place my whole trust in Thee. Grant me then Thy sufficing help so as to make me independent of all things, O Thou Who art unsurpassed in Thy mercy! Bestow upon me my portion, O Lord, as Thou pleasest, and cause me to be satisfied with whatsoever Thou hast ordained for me. Thine is the absolute authority to command. From Selections from the Writings of the Báb, p.193
Beloved 01:41
Beloved O God, my God, my Beloved, my heart’s Desire. Quoted in The Dawn-Breakers: Nabíl’s Narrative of the Early Days of the Bahá’í Revelation, p. 30
Tablet of Ahmad He is the King, the All-Knowing, the Wise! Lo, the Nightingale of Paradise singeth upon the twigs of the Tree of Eternity, with holy and sweet melodies, proclaiming to the sincere ones the glad tidings of the nearness of God, calling the believers in the Divine Unity to the court of the Presence of the Generous One, informing the severed ones of the message which hath been revealed by God, the King, the Glorious, the Peerless, guiding the lovers to the seat of sanctity and to this resplendent Beauty. Verily this is that Most Great Beauty, foretold in the Books of the Messengers, through Whom truth shall be distinguished from error and the wisdom of every command shall be tested. Verily He is the Tree of Life that bringeth forth the fruits of God, the Exalted, the Powerful, the Great. O Ahmad! Bear thou witness that verily He is God and there is no God but Him, the King, the Protector, the Incomparable, the Omnipotent. And that the One Whom He hath sent forth by the name of ‘Alí was the true One from God, to Whose commands we are all conforming. Say: O people be obedient to the ordinances of God, which have been enjoined in the Bayán by the Glorious, the Wise One. Verily He is the King of the Messengers and His book is the Mother Book did ye but know. Thus doth the Nightingale utter His call unto you from this prison. He hath but to deliver this clear message. Whosoever desireth, let him turn aside from this counsel and whosoever desireth let him choose the path to his Lord. O people, if ye deny these verses, by what proof have ye believed in God? Produce it, O assemblage of false ones. Nay, by the One in Whose hand is my soul, they are not, and never shall be able to do this, even should they combine to assist one another. O Ahmad! Forget not My bounties while I am absent. Remember My days during thy days, and My distress and banishment in this remote prison. And be thou so steadfast in My love that thy heart shall not waver, even if the swords of the enemies rain blows upon thee and all the heavens and the earth arise against thee. Be thou as a flame of fire to My enemies and a river of life eternal to My loved ones, and be not of those who doubt. And if thou art overtaken by affliction in My path, or degradation for My sake, be not thou troubled thereby. Rely upon God, thy God and the Lord of thy fathers. For the people are wandering in the paths of delusion, bereft of discernment to see God with their own eyes, or hear His Melody with their own ears. Thus have We found them, as thou also dost witness. Thus have their superstitions become veils between them and their own hearts and kept them from the path of God, the Exalted, the Great. Be thou assured in thyself that verily, he who turns away from this Beauty hath also turned away from the Messengers of the past and showeth pride towards God from all eternity to all eternity. Learn well this Tablet, O Ahmad. Chant it during thy days and withhold not thyself therefrom. For verily, God hath ordained for the one who chants it, the reward of a hundred martyrs and a service in both worlds. These favors have We bestowed upon thee as a bounty on Our part and a mercy from Our presence, that thou mayest be of those who are grateful. By God! Should one who is in affliction or grief read this Tablet with absolute sincerity, God will dispel his sadness, solve his difficulties and remove his afflictions. Verily, He is the Merciful, the Compassionate. Praise be to God, the Lord of all the worlds. From Bahá’í Prayers: A Selection of Prayers Revealed by Bahá’u’lláh, the Báb, and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, p.209


Gate of Heaven was composed and produced in honour of the Bahá'í Community's 2019 celebration of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb (1819-1850), the Forerunner of Bahá'u'lláh. It is the 'Twin' album to Year of the Nightingale, which was released in 2017 in celebration of the Bicentenary of the Birth of Bahá'u'lláh (1817-1892).


released June 21, 2019

Words from the Writings and Utterances of the Báb
Except Tablet of Ahmad from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh


Produced and mixed by Kelly Snook and Luke Slott

Songs composed by Luke Slott

Music composed and arranged by Luke Slott and Kelly Snook

Recorded and Engineered by Kelly Snook at:
It’s Not Rocket Science Studios, Portland, OR, USA; Washington, DC, USA; Lewes, Sussex, UK;
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Additional Engineering by:
Jasmine Olinga at It’s Not Rocket Science Studios, Portland, OR, USA and the Phelps' home.
Ryan Moys at The Studio, Philadelphia, PA, USA and Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Paul Finan at An Croí, Wicklow, Ireland
Pete Min at Lucy’s Meat Market, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Cora Venus Lunny in Wicklow, Ireland
Mike Slott, Los Angeles, CA

Assistant Engineers:
Jax Savage at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Eli Wilson at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mastered by Simon Heyworth
at Super Audio Mastering, Devon, UK.

Mastering Assistant Bill Sellar

Art by Shirin Sahba

Design by Jamie Hanrahan

(in order of appearance)

Luke Slott - Acoustic Guitar (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9), Electric Guitar (1, 4, 9), Vocals (1-9), Piano (1, 6, 9), Trumpet (1, 4, 6, 9), Rhodes (2), Percussion (2)
Kelly Snook - Layering (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9), Piano (3, 6, 9), Rhodes (9)
Anwar Marshall - Drums and Percussion (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9)
Emily Alves - Cello (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9)
Diane Badie - Vocals (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9)
Jasmine Olinga - Vocals (1, 2, 3, 4, 6)
Adam Siegel - Saxophone (1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9)
Ian Rafalak - Electric Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9), Upright Bass (7, 9)
Cora Venus Lunny - Violin & Viola (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9)
Vyvienne Long - Cello (5)
Jason Rafalak - Mandolin (6, 7, 9)
Eric Dozier - Organ (9)

Thank you to all the musicians for their artistic contributions, to our friends and families for their endless support, to all the backers who funded our Kickstarter campaign, and to everyone credited for their hard work in the making of the album.

Special thanks to: Arya, Chad, Khadem & Jada Badiyan, May Khadem, Rick Czjerniejewski, Susan Slott, Jerry Kidd, Mike Slott, Mike Nolan, Terry & Carl Fravel, Stephanie Alves, Sofia Alves, Ladan Ghiami, Muni Tahzib, Max, Maya & Juliet Khadem, Houman Abrishamian, Marjan & Navid Yavari, Leila Yavari, Gabe Sandoval, Peter, Shagha, Daryan & Ava DeNoble, Leili Towfigh, Arran Kennedy, Linda Assaf, Alek Timmons, Hamid Samandari, Naisohn Arfai, Aref Amanat, Anissa Moeini, Hillary Chapman, Steven & Katharine Phelps, Homa & Alex Tavangar, Mojdeh Saberin, Marie Harder, Charles & Salma Howard, Susan & Badie Nosseir, Randy Johnson, Ramine Yazhari, Laila Murphy, Judy Lunny, Ray McCann, Oisin Lunny, Marie Glad, Matt Tazeh, Katharine Kripke, Ala Rahmi, Hoda Martorana, Sultana Ali, Stephen Barnes, Kim & Julian MacQueen, Wings to the Spirit Foundation, Layli Miller-Muro, Payam & Gouya Zamani, Andre Segovia, Steve Sarowitz, Rainn Wilson, Shabnam Mogharabi, David Khorram, Mona Moazzaz, Soheil Soheil, Virginia St. John, Liz Dwyer, Mary Darling, Clark Donnelly, Doug Henck, Paul Glist, Shidan Taslimi, Brad & Marjane LaRue, Gilbert Hakim, Michael O’Neal, Maani Safa, Jim Klein, Nader Saiedi.


all rights reserved



Luke Slott Portland, Oregon

Luke Slott is a singer, songwriter and composer from Dublin, Ireland. He plays piano, guitar and trumpet, and collaborates with a variety of musicians on both sides of the Atlantic. To become a patron visit patreon.com/lukeslott

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